Illustrator 2 — MAR 23






Files for Use in Class

Illustrator 2 Cheat Sheet

Layer Samples

Brush Samples



Illustrator 2 Exercises


Readings from Adobe Creative Cloud Design Tools Digital Classroom

528-529 – Layers

538-541 – Appearance

For reading on Brushes, refer to the Illustrator 2 Cheat Sheet above.


Additional Tutorials and Readings

Layers – Illustrator Help

Deciphering the Layers Panel – VectorTuts

Quickly Locate Objects in Sublayers – Vectips

Appearance Attributes – Illustrator Help

Mastering the Appearance Panel – Adobe TV

Illustrator Appearance Panel – Adobe TV

A Closer Look at the Appearance Panel – VectorTuts

Create a Glowing Neon Sign with the Appearance Panel – VectorTuts

Create an Emboss Effect using the Appearance Panel – VectorTuts

Drawing with Appearances – Vectips

Brushes – Illustrator Help

Create a Painterly Effect with Bristle Brushes – Adobe TV

Using Enhanced Art and Pattern Brushes – Adobe TV