InDesign 1 — Oct 27







Bonus – Leading, Space After & Soft Returns

Bonus – Fonts


Files for Use in Class

InDesign 1 Cheat Sheet

InDesign1 Files


Readings from Adobe Creative Cloud Design Tools Digital Classroom

758-771 – Working with images

672-687 – Working with Text

605, 631, 788 – Layout (not much here, see the cheat sheet for more info)



InDesign 1 Exercises


Additional Tutorials & Readings

InDesign Tutorials – InDesign Help

Creating New Documents – InDesign Help

Linking Content – Adobe TV

Working with Frames and Objects – InDesign Help

Working with Frames – Adobe TV

Creating Text and Text Frames – InDesign Help

Adding Text to Frames – InDesign Help

Editing Text – InDesign Help

Master Text Threading – VectorTuts

Creating Type on a Path – InDesign Help

Laying Out Frames and Pages – InDesign Help

Working with Text Wrap and Fit Content Options – VectorTuts

Aligning and Distributing Objects – InDesign Help

Layout a Brochure – Adobe TV