InDesign 3 — APR 27


In this class students will work on a magazine article layout. Additional features will be shown and can be applied to students’ layouts in progress.

Page Tool

Layout Adjustment

Gap Tool / Image Grids

Anchored Objects

Span Columns

Clipping Paths

Object Layer Options

Object Effects

Eyedropper Tool

Quick Apply

Type on a Path

Glyphs Panel


Print Booklet

Paste Into / Without Formatting / In Place

Story Editor


Files for Use in Class

InDesign 3 Cheat Sheets

InDesign 3 Files




Tutorials & Readings

Mixing Page Sizes with the Page Tool – Adobe TV

Resizing pages with Page Tool and Layout Adjustment – InDesign Secrets

Aligning and Distributing Objects – InDesign Help

InDesign Gap Tool – Adobe TV

Anchored Objects – InDesign Help

Span and Split Columns – InDesign Secrets

Clipping Paths – InDesign Help

Object Layer Options – InDesign Secrets

Adding Transparency Effects – InDesign Help

Applying Color – InDesign Help

Quick Apply – Layers Magazine

Creating Type on a Path – InDesign Help

Glyphs and Special Characters – InDesign Help

Preflight Files Before Handoff – InDesign Help

Printing Booklets – InDesign Help

Use the Story Editor – InDesign Help