Photoshop 1 — Sep 15


Getting Started
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Files for Use in Class

Photoshop 1 Cheat Sheet

Photos to fix



Photoshop 1 Exercises


Readings from Adobe Creative Cloud Design Tools Digital Classroom

118-130 – Painting

55-64 / 154-174 – Adjustment

137-149 – Retouching


Additional Tutorials and Reading

Photoshop Tutorials – Photoshop Help

Image size and resolution – Photoshop Help

Photo printing guide – Urban75

Changing Image Size – Adobe TV

Choosing colors in the Color and Swatches Panels – Photoshop Help

Adjusting image color and tone in CS6 – Photoshop Help

Working With Curves – Adobe TV

Understanding color adjustments – Photoshop Help

Adjust shadow and highlight detail – Photoshop Help

Adjusting hue and saturation – Photoshop Help

Curves adjustment – Photoshop Help

Levels adjustment – Photoshop Help

Black & White Adjustments – Adobe TV

Dodge or burn image areas – Photoshop Help

Retouching and repairing images – Photoshop Help

Painting tools – Photoshop Help

Brush presets – Photoshop Help

Creating and modifying brushes – Photoshop Help



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Photoshop CS6 Essential Training