Print / Web / Acrobat PDF — MAY 4


Print: Key Concepts

Print: Spot Color

Web: Exporting Web Graphics

PDF Format: Print / Interactive


Files for Use in Class

Web-Print Cheat Sheet

Web Files

Adobe History Folder

Adobe History Publish to Web


Tutorials and Reading

Saving Images for the Web* – Six Revisions Tutorial

Slicing Web Pages* – Photoshop Help

Export artboards, layers, and more – Photoshop Help

Export options for photography and design (video) – Photoshop Help

*Legacy info


Hyperlinks – InDesign Help

Dynamic PDF Documents – InDesign Help

Adding Movies and Sounds – InDesign Help

Exporting to PDF – InDesign Help vs. –

MassArt Blogs –

How to choose the best WordPress hosting – WP Beginner

Which is the best WordPress host? – Who is Hosting This?


Adobe Muse Overview –

Adobe Muse Tutorials –

How to create a website with Adobe Muse –

How To Get Started with Adobe Muse – Adobe TV

Muse Resources –

Muse Grid – Muse Templates & Widgets –


CSS Reference – W3schools

CSS Cheat Sheet – Cheatography