Learning for the 21st Century

To give all students the deeper and broader range of knowledge, skills and experiences they will need in the 21st century, we have to reimagine how we use talent, time and technology. Student-centered approaches to learning recognize that learning can take place anywhere and anytime, utilize personalized approaches to teaching, and base student progress on demonstration of mastery of core competencies rather than by age or the number of hours completed. The shift described above will require greater autonomy at the school level and “creating and promoting a culture of innovation, in which the creativity of educators and remarkable possibilities of modern technology flourish.”

Key MBAE initiatives:

Massachusetts Learning Redesign Challenge

Aggregating many of the recommendations in the New Opportunity to Lead report, MBAE is developing a Massachusetts Learning Redesign Challenge. The purpose is to create an opportunity for partnerships of educators, business and others to propose breakthrough school models employing innovative use of time, staff, student groupings and resources to enable personalized learning enabled by appropriate educational technology. The ultimate goal is creation of a network of student centered learning demonstration sites that can scale rapidly and successfully.

Building on What Works Coalition

MBAE is a founding member of the Building on What Works Coalition, a group that calls for creation of an investment fund for education initiatives that have the potential to improve student performance and incentivize innovation. Visit the Building on What Works website www.buildingonwhatworks.org
“Looking ahead 20 years…It is much more likely a transformation might emerge from within the system from the bottom up, if the right context were created and the right demand from citizens expressed.”

From The New Opportunity to Lead.

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