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We, the undersigned, support Massachusetts' adoption of PARCC, an assessment that requires students to demonstrate that they possess the knowledge and skills needed for success in the 21st century. We believe this is the best choice for Massachusetts to measure readiness for college and careers, and provide educators valid and timely student performance data that can inform and improve instruction and learning.

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Why You Support PARCC

Will Austin

Chief Executive Officer
Boston School Fund

Josh Biber

Teach for America

Rick Burnes

Boston Leaders for Education

Darren Burris

Director of Instruction for STEAM

Boston Collegiate Charter School

Jon Clark

Co-Director for Operations

Brooke Charter Schools

Gerald Chertavian

Founder & CEO

Year UP


Roxbury Community College

Celine Coggins

Chief Executive Officer
Teach Plus

Maurice Coyle

Revere Public Schools

Thaly Germain

Executive Director

Lynch Leadership Academy | Boston College

Scott Given

Chief Executive Officer

UP Education Network

Lisa Gonsalves

Chair of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education and Human Development

UMass Boston

Tony Helies

Boston Leaders for Education

Ryan Holmes


Match Middle School

Amy Howland

U.S. and World History Teacher
Academy of the Pacific Rim Public Charter School

Steve Jonas

Boston Leaders for Education

Liam Kerr

State Director

Democrats for Education Reform

Carli Kusiolek

Special Education Teacher

Salem Academy Charter School

Dana Lehman

Managing Director for Boston, Troy, and Rochester

Uncommon Schools

Chuck Longfield

Boston Leaders for Education

Bernadine Lormilus

Boston Public Schools

Kevin McCall

Boston Leaders for Education Member

Eileen M. McQuaid

Coordinator of ELA and Social Studies 6-12

Linda Noonan

Executive Director

Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education

Laura Perille

President & CEO


Kalimah Rahim

English Teacher

New Mission High School, Boston

Andre Ravenelle


Fitchburg Public Schools

Paul Reville

Francis Keppel Professor of Practice of Educational Policy and Administration

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Eileen Rudden
Lindsay Sobel

Executive Director

Teach Plus Massachusetts

Kimberly Steadman

Co-Director for Academics

Brooke Charter Schools

Barbara Sullivan

Director for Education

Strategic Grant Partners

Michael Tooke

Boston Leaders for Education

Brittany Vetter

Excel Academy Charter School

Marty Walz

Former Co-Chair

Joint Committee on Education

Darnelle Williams


Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts

Jason Williams

Executive Director

Stand for Children Massachusetts

Allyson Trenteseaux
Aida Nieves
Holyoke Lawrence School Parent Volunteer
I am an active volunteer parent at the Lawrence school and I love what I do to help every way I can with the education for our community kids. Also, I have a non profit organization where I provide comfort by bringing a smile to a kid with a teddy bear and kids are my main focus and weakness. I would like to give back to the community in many ways and making myself involved in this beautiful project to better our education for kids is a great way to do it. Thank you.
Kathleen Denner
Our educational system needs to be updated to the world our children live in. Not the past.
Molly Coen
Mrs. Barbara Baxter
We need to do a better job in teaching our students so they can learn and improve themselves.
Ms. Doris Dyson
It appears to be a better measurement of student progress.
Joseph Nompleggi
VP Product Development,
Complete HealthCare Solutions, Inc
Patty Eagan
Maria Brander
I support this project because we have the obligation to ensure an excellent education for our youth ending old patterns that are no longer useful.
Patricia Talavera
Maura C. Schaeffer
Maria Brander
George Levesque
Ish Mahadeo
I support everyone at least getting the opportunity to the best education available.
Rebecca Roge
Joanna Rizzo
Patrick Sullivan
Joanne Willett
PARCC measures students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills that are necessary to succeed in college and the workplace.
Will Ragland
PARCC is a significant step toward better, fairer, and fewer tests that give us a more honest indicator than previous standardized tests for how schools are serving students.
Amanda Huff
PARCC has allowed our classroom focus to shift away from teaching to the test and back towards critical and creative thinking, which is what will truly prepare our students for the real world. To go back on these standards and this testing means willingly delivering our students content that is not meaningful or relevant for their futures.
Mike Tooke
As a member of the Boston Leaders for Education, I believe PARCC is the necessary next step testing system which helps students and teachers understand updated Common Core requirements.
Mary OLooney
Paul Reville
PARRC aligns with higher standards and utilizes 21st century tools to engage students and effectively assess their learning.
Paul Monette
It’s the right thing to do for our children
Virginia Green
So they can have a better life and better jobs when they get out of school to live on they own.
Tina T Burnham
This is an excellent program!
Jamie Trie
Jack Warner
PARCC is a very rigorous assessment that is aligned by design with the rigorous Common Core standards adopted by Massachusetts. It is also designed to be aligned with college readiness expectations.
Alex Lisak
PARCC is a more rigorous assessment that is a better reflection of a student’s skills and ability to think than the MCAS.
Luz Lopez
We need higher standards that are across the U.S.
Aimee Sprung
I support PARCC so my kids are better prepared for their future careers.
Techla Connolly
It is aligned well with Common Core Standards and students respond well to online testing.
Susan Hill
I have grandchildren in school, and I want them to have the education they deserve.
Nicole Ullian
Srini Bedre
Higher standards for our kids to compete in an increasingly globalized world.
Eric Chast
Lyn Holian
Stacey Livote
Need to ensure our students develop 21st Century skills and are able to compete and prosper in the global economy.
Edward Moccia
With PARCC testing, most students were comfortable, not overwhelmed, and reported that they were accustomed to being exposed to rigorous and challenging instruction every day. Staff is looking forward to finally getting PARCC results to inform instruction and better prepare all our students for middle school, high school, college, and beyond.
Barbara Kelly
It helps our students to be competitive in a global world. It helps to reinforce critical thinking and assess students on the appropriate grade level that is universal across all states.
Mary Walachy
Madeline Moynihan
Tony Helies
I have been tutoring students in Boston schools for 15 years, primarily math, but also language skills. I know what the students need to be successful – PARCC offers this level of competence.
Romilda Pereira
Michael O’Malley
Solomon Lemma
PARCC helps our students to be competitive.
Gail Jannerelli
William Yeadon
Nicole Nihan
It puts students first!
Sybil Schlesinger
Let’s give our teachers & students the tools needed for success.
Gina Giacosa
Holly Correia
PARCC assesses skills of the present and future.
Mary Ellen Dakin
The PARCC exam, and the Common Core / MA Curriculum Frameworks it addresses, assesses a far more comprehensive and meaningful set of competency standards that does the MCAS.
Barbara Olivolo
Less testing time
Patrick Sullivan
Charles Willis
Monica Caporale
In the best interest for our students.
Corbett Coutts
Lourenco Garcia
Measures critical thinking and communication skills; aligned with the 21st century learning expectations; a more accurate and fair assessment; computer-based and aligned with the skills and predispositions of the millennial generation.
Dianne Kelly
PARCC assesses critical thinking skills which all kids need to be successful
Charles Cassidy
Massachusetts needs a replacement for MCAS that provides high quality standardized feedback about whether students are on track for college or career success.
George Levesque
Susan Hill
Charles Shlimon
Don Thompson
John Byland
Education is the key to the future, both for the individual student, and the nation.
Stanley Sayer
Angelica Acevedo
It’s time we find out how children are doing with there critical thinking skills.
Nick Stathopoulos
I want my kids to be fairly evaluated as they prepare for higher ed
Jim Shaw
It’s better way of assessment.
Joanne Garfield
Nina Jobim
Gerald Chertavian
Because our children deserve one system that equates high school graduation with college and career readiness.
Stephanie Sanchez
Veronica Antich
Brianna Aloisio
PARCC emphasizes the well rounded education and support that all students need to succeed beyond high school
James McManus
To help my kids prepare for college and a great career
George Levesque
best choice!
Sister Barbara Walsh
We need to teach critical thinking and writing skills. We need to stop teaching just for the purpose of attaining scores. Children are not being taught to think critically or to write creatively.
Nick Stathopoulos
In contrast of reserving and adopting conservative, aging and rusted beliefs, we are obligated to continuously upgrade and modernize our educational system
Cynthia LaPointe
I support PARCC because there is less time on testing. Whole days are not allotted to testing. Also, Common Core raises the rigor in the classroom and most of the students are able to handle that rigor, which in turns readys them for their future.
Lenore DiLiegro
As a fifth grade teacher, I can attest to the fact that MCAS is outdated, and the standards that serve as its foundation are neither rigorous nor relevant to students. PARCC, on the other hand is founded on the rigorous Common Core Standards and tests students in a manner relevant to their experiences.
Jackney Prioly
PARCC will ensure that students have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in college, the workplace and life.
Jessica Stuart
We need to properly train our young for their future careers.
Amanda Cordero
Julie Dusio
Vanessa Arrif
Katie Buckley
I believe it will raise the level of teaching and learning in Massachusetts schools.
Andre Ravenelle
I believe it is a test that is aligned with the Common Core, retains the best elements of MCAS, and adds components needed in a next generation assessment.
James Horgan
I believe this is the best choice for Massachusetts to measure readiness for college and careers, and provide educators valid and timely student performance data that can inform and improve instruction and learning.
Amanda Domenici
The world around us is changing daily. Our education system should mirror this. We as educators are responsible for setting our students up for a successful future and PARCC has proven a higher rate of success.
Josh Vadala
The PARCC assessment will help us prepare our students for the future. Our goal as educators should always be continuous improvement. This assessment tool offers students, parents and educators an opportunity to see where how our students compare to others across the entire nation. Simply put, PARCC is a better assessment tool than MCAS.
Sonya Cote
Richard Rodrick
Traci Turner
Stephanie Zuppa
Vykintas Dirzauskas
When I was fresh out of high school and started attending college, I had absolutely no idea what was going on around me. I was taking classes because I was expected to and because they were fun. Not because I had a particular goal in mind. It would have been very helpful if I would have been advised and counseled back then on my academic path towards future success.
Ray Peebles
Our kids need best education to make it in this world.
Margot Lenhart
I stand for the children of MA!
Paul Clark
Mark Bailey
Leea Pronovost
Without education and proper readiness, this country would fall short. We need to always be on the forefront of everything and in order to do that our next generations need all the help they can get.
Lisa Gonsalves
The PARCC was developed based upon the latest research about learning. As an assessment it focuses on critical thinking rather than facts. This is the kind of assessment we want for our students in Massachusetts.
Barbara Sullivan
PARCC is the best assessment available to ascertain whether or not students are meeting the common core standards. While the test may not be perfect, it will be improved overtime and it is critical for our children to be offered the rich, robust and complex curriculum that results from the common core.
Michael Randall
Joseph Ciccoretti
Fatima F. DeChaves
So much needed and deserved education.
Tina Michael
Education is the key to everything positive.
Rayleen Nunez
Deborah Martin
Michael O’Malley
We can no longer afford to disadvantage our children with outmoded practices of rote learning, nor waste their time or their teacher’s in practicing how to do better on MCAS. Students need to develop the critical thinking and analytical skills that will enable them to compete and succeed in the global economy.
Scott McDonald
PARCC gives parents and teachers a tool to track whether students are meeting high standards and are ready for college and career.
Tom Coughlin
It promotes critical thinking
Allison Rubin
PARCC better prepares students for the future because it emphasizes critical thinking which is needed to succeed in college and in life.
Selina Paolucci
Makes students think and understand why they answered the way they did. Higher level thinking helps prepare them for college and competitive job market.
Brenda Barton
Tina T Burnham
I was a teacher and this is very important!
Janet Cooke
PARCC is a reasonable system.
Beth Gamse
I support PARCC because more intuitive, cost-effective, and meaningful assessments represent an investment in our students’ learning and future.
Anne Tyman
The Common Core makes sense for teachers and students. It is the most efficient conduit for meaningful instruction and sustained learning.
Wesley Pierce
PARCC establishes meaningful assessments that evaluate students based in 21st century skills. We need assessments that evolve with our students, not hold them back.
Julia Traggorth
Doreen DiRienzo
We live in a world of technology. Using technology-based assessments makes the most sense. Having students take a hand written exam is an antiquated approach to assessment.
Joseph Esposito
Massachusetts cannot rest on its laurels. Continuous improvement on preparing our students for college and career as well as vigilance on standards and assessments to maintain equity are imperative. The PARCC assessment tool addresses both needs.
Susan Earle
Gil Graham
Maria Celia Hernandez
I support Massachusetts’ adoption of PARCC, MCAS does not support the progress the students need and deserves . Because with the support of the Government National Education leaders; with a true dedication of it’s own , parents and teachers, Massachusetts will remain a National Leader in Education.
Wendy Hamm
Students need to not study for testing each year but to learn to their needs and skill set.
David Shreeve
Common sense strategies for individual growth and corporate success.
Hope Beckman
Shannon Mello
This is the way of the future of successful education. Standardized tests need to evolve to meet our ‘real life’ needs.
Diane Grinnell
Ranjini Govender

Boston Youth Service Network

Sara Parr
The MCAS is an outdated test that is too easy to teach kids how to pass. We need an assessment in Mass. that emphasizes critical thinking and accurately reflects our students’ readiness for success in college, career, and beyond.
Kristina Menissian
It’s better for kids.
Maurice Coyle
I choose PARCC over the MCAS assessment because it leverages the 21st century skills our students need to be successful in our technological society. PARCC’s digital platform allows the CCSS to be assessed in a large variety of ways, and as such, it more accurately measures the depth of concept and skill mastery than the MCAS assessment.
Anton McInerney
Neal Fox
More skilled testing
Karen Donovan
Brian Gagnon
John Sforza
Because it is far superior to MCAS
Amy Ross
Because it makes sense.
Alexandra Maltacea
Michelene Hearn
Patricia Talavera
Rosana Oliveira
I want my son to succeed in school
Terry Alves Hunter
Students matter
Maureen Germain
Ellen Watson
Tricia Lederer
Christopher Benoit
I believe PARCC is a superior assessment to the current MCAS test that will better inform students of their readiness for the future.