Photoshop 3 — Sep 29


extra subject matters included in case there’s time

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Smart Objects
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Paths – For the future, after we cover the Pen Tool in Illustrator, FYI.
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Files for Use in Class

Photoshop 3 Cheat Sheet



Photoshop 3 Exercises


Readings from Adobe Creative Cloud Design Tools Digital Classroom

194-195 / 202-205 – Masks

208 – Filters

100-109 – Pen Tool

For reading on Automation and Smart Objects, see the Photoshop 3 Cheat Sheet above.


Additional Tutorials and Reading

Masking Layers – Photoshop Help

Layer Masking – Adobe TV

Refine Edge Command – Adobe TV

Creating Actions – Photoshop Help

Creating an Action – Adobe TV

Batch Processing – Adobe TV

Ready, Set, Actions – PSD Tuts

Create Smart Objects – Photoshop Help

Transforming Smart Objects – Adobe TV

Filter Basics – Photoshop Help

Filters and Blending Modes – Adobe TV

Drawing with the Pen Tool – Photoshop Help

Managing Paths – Photoshop Help

Mastering Photoshop with Paths – Smashing Magazine



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