File Submission Requirements

Thank you for Going Recycled!

Before submitting your artwork to be printed, please make sure you complete the following steps:

  • Include all linked graphics and fonts.
    Use ‘Package’ (InDesign) or ‘Collect for Output’ (Quark) to automatically collect your fonts. Otherwise, manually gather all fonts used in your layout.

  • Ensure your document outputs the correct colors.
    Print your design as ‘separations’ on your printer. A full-color design should only output 4 plates (cyan, magenta, yellow & black). A spot-color design should only output the individual colors specified in your printing quote.

  • Create ‘Bleeds’ if necessary.
    Any graphic element that prints to the edge of your piece needs to be extended at least 1/8” beyond the boundaries of the document.

  • Use high-resolution imagery.
    All photos and other pixel-based imagery should be at least 300 dpi (dots per inch) when output. Imagery less than 300 dpi may reproduce with a pixelated ‘jaggy’ look.

  • Compress your files in a single .zip or .sit archive.
    Uncompressed digital artwork files can be damaged during electronic transit.

  • All Set? 
    Upload Files

    For more information, check out these handy downloads from our Knowledge Base:

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